Social Media, Web, and Podcast

Social Media JumbleSocial Media – it’s all about strategy

Social media works when there is a cohesive plan in place, and a thorough understanding of how all of the social media platforms (like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others) can work together to help promote your business.  If you’re updating a Twitter feed, and posting on your Facebook page, but don’t have a strategy to maximize engagement, then you’re wasting your time, and your money.



Make it Nimble – and Mobile

Your website needs to reflect your business as it is today, not how it was 3 months ago.  We work with you to ensure your website messaging reflects who you are, not who you were.  By creating a consistent band promise throughout your entire website, and delivering a solid call to action to turn visits into leads, we can help you create a website that really works for you.



Customer Experience Podcast

We know a thing or two about Customer Experience, and we also recognize that a lot of other people do too.  That’s why we launched Pat Perdue’s Customer Experience Podcast.  Each week we feature individuals and companies who are getting customer experience right.

And when the Customer Experience goes right, you don’t need to throw money at getting new customers, you can simply deepen your relationship with the customers you already have.  It makes good business sense.


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