Social Media Customer Care

Customer Care Over Social Media is Different

Because it’s so much easier for a customer to reach out to a company through social media than it is to call, the types of customer care related questions on social media can be very different from what you experience at the call center level.

I Heart You Guys!

Customers never call the call center just to say, “I heart you guys!” But they tweet it.  They also tweet stuff like , “Arrrrggg!  Epic Fail!” along with your company name.   Having a strategy to reply to these kinds of very public communications in a way that is quick, concise, and makes you look great can mean the different between gaining more customers as a result of your quick action, and becoming a target on the Internet.

Extensive Customer Care Experience

Because of our extensive customer care experience, we can equip your customer care departments with the tools and strategy to engage customers, solve their issues in a timely, professional way, and enhance and grow your brand in the process.

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