Corporate Social Media Strategy

If you have a Facebook page for no other reason than, “just ‘cause,” then you need a strategy.

What a Strategy Can Do for You

Strategy can mean when to post, and what to post.  But way more than that, strategy can mean how to engage your employees to promote your business.  A company-wide engagement strategy that includes your employees can do a lot to attract new customers.

And It’s Fun!

That’s the really cool thing! Not only does an employee-inclusive strategy get more customers, it keeps your employees engaged and focused.

Your Free Customer Experience Assessment

Any strategy needs to begin with an understanding of current state.  That’s why we’d like to provide you with a free  Customer Experience Assessment, which includes your social media.

It’s Easy

This comprehensive analysis takes a look at how your company looks on the Internet, from your website, to your Facebook page, and your Twitter profile (and tweets).  Also, we call you a few times and we might even make a purchase.    Then we let you know how it all went.  While other companies charge lots for this, we give it away.  Why?  Because even if you don’t use our services, our assessment might make your, and your customers’ lives, a little better, that that makes us happy.

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