Digital Branding Strategy

The single best way for your business go grow is to develop a Digital Branding Strategy that speaks to today’s market (Hint:  Gen Z, the first truly digital native generation, is about to turn 18, and they’ve never purchased a stamp.  Ever).

We work with businesses of just about every type (B2B, and B2C) to help you establish your unique brand proposition, and then promote that brand proposition on key social media outlets including blogs, Facebook page for you, and LinkedIn (and we do a lot more, too).


Blog Development

Very often the “anchor” of a good social media program is a blog.  These can be an insider’s look at your industry, some of the day-to-day challenges of your business, some tips for your customers, or even an opportunity for your company to promote some of the things you do in your community.  Regardless of the approach, a good blog can help customers learn about what makes your company tick, and help them develop loyalty toward you – which makes them want to recommend you to their friends.

The challenge to a blog is finding the time to write one frequently (minimum twice per month).  We can help you with this.  Because we get to know your company so well, you can leave the blogging to us.  Once you’ve approved the direction of the blog, we’ll take it from there.  Working directly with your employees for input, the blog updates we write for you will communicate what’s unique about your company.  And when we promote your blog on other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others, your customers will be able to engage with you in a deeper way then they otherwise could.

Social Media

Social Media for Small Business is different from social media for big business.  Typically, small businesses have the advantage because their companies aren’t ”silo’ed,” with different departments battling over who controls what.  In small and medium sized companies, often it’s the owner, or a single SVP, who can speak for the “brand” of the content.  While the big corporations are busy forming committees to discuss how best to use social media, small companies are out there doing it.

And we can help.  We work directly with you and your staff to involve your entire company in your social media strategy.  First we determine your key message – your “secret sauce” that separates you from your competition – and then we socialize that message over the most appropriate social media platforms.  We meet your customers where they already are, and then we help you engage them.

Your Next Step

Connect with us to see how we can help you.  One way is to take us up on our offer for a no cost, no obligation Customer Experience Assessment that will show you where you can improve things.  It’s free, and it’s fun for us, so we really don’t mind.  Just fill out the form on the right.  Or, if you’d prefer to skip that, you can email us here.  Whichever way you choose, reach out to us.  We can make your life easier.