Customer Journey Mapping

Making Sense of the Customer Journey

In understanding your customer experience, we document everything.  Starting from their first visit to your website, to their calls into your contact center, to their visits to your retail location, we build a detailed journey map and highlight all the areas that make customers love you, and all the areas that cause  “lunch box letdown.”

Once you have your Customer Journey Map in front of you, identifying customer pain points, and creating strategies to eliminate, or minimize them, becomes surprisingly easy.  Our clients love this tool, and often find it one of the most valuable tools we provide for them.

Operational Improvements

Once we have identified the key pain points, we can work directly with your web developers, your contact center, your distribution center, or your retail outlets to create processes that reduce or eliminate these pain points.  Our approach provides measurable changes, which then leaves your customer to tweet, or Facebook, their positive experience with your brand.

Your Next Step

Get in touch with us to see how we can help.  One way is to fill out the form on the right, which will let us provide you with some really cool insights into how customers experience your brand (and it’s totally free).  Another way is to email us here.  Doesn’t matter how, the next step is to do it.