There’s a lot of people we’re grateful to for helping us along this journey.  And while we thank them, there’s no way we can pay them back for all their help.  That’s why we have Pay It Forward Fridays.


Pay it Forward Fridays means we dedicate the equivalent of 1 day  per week to working with non-profits, micro-preneurs, and other social positive businesses free of charge.  A big part of why we’re here is to help make the world a better place for the people we share it with, and the people we’ll be leaving it to.

What This Means to You

Well, if you’re a green business, a micro-preneure who needs some promotional savvy because jeepers cripes!  Who can do all this by themselves??  Or if you’re a charity that’s making a difference, but could make more of one with an engagement strategy, then call us.  What we can give you is top notch, agency quality guidance for free.  Why?  Because the world is counting on you.

If this is you…What Now?

Get in touch with us and let’s chat.  If we’re slammed with PIFF clients, we’ll at least be able to provide some advice over a cup of coffee.