Customer Experience Design

Don’t Let Lunch bag Letdown Define You

You’ve probably experienced it yourself:  You have a problem with a website, but the customer experience team is there to help!  You dial the number, navigate the IVR, plead your case to the customer service agent, and…they can’t help you.

By understanding where your customers need help, and by establishing processes and training so your customers can get the help they need (either online, on your Facebook page, or by calling your contact center), you can avoid creating lunch bag letdown, and instead design experiences that will delight your customers.

 Design Something Beautiful

While we’re giving some thought to how your customers experience your brand, why not make that experience brilliant?  Why not make them say, “Wow, you guys rock!”  Don’t settle for good enough where your customers’ experience is concerned.  Make their experience brilliant.  Make it sparkle.

Okay, but how?

We can show you.  And it’s great.  We love this stuff (we’d say more, but every company is completely different)

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