Romancing the Brand: Anatomy of an Affair

Are there any brands you’re really excited about? I’m not thinking about companies you have to deal with every day to live your life. I’m talking about those companies that thrill you. That make you feel like you’re a better you just because they’re in your life. I’m not even talking about brands you love, I’m talking about brands you’re in love with.

The reason I ask is that I think I’m falling in love, and I want to tell you about it.

I first heard of this company at a Frost and Sullivan Executive Mind Exchange conference I attended in April (The conference was brilliant. If you ever get a chance to attend one of these, jump on it!). Someone I was chatting with mentioned a company they use (the company didn’t attend, unfortunately), and said they were excellent. So, I checked them out online. They looked pretty good. I noticed they had webinars, so I signed up for a few. What the heck, right?

The webinars were excellent. Total value adds. No selling, just bringing thought leaders together to share their insights. I’ve shared the webinars internally within my company.

Then – I received an unsolicited email from them. I opened it expecting the form sales pitch, and readied my mouse over the “delete” button. But wait! It was a recommendation for “summer reading,” and provided a list of 5 books, all of which looked like great reads. At the end of the email, there was a note that said the first 10 responders to the email would get their choice of books for free! So I replied, and about a week later got a very friendly email (not a form response), saying I was one of the first responders so which book did I want. I chose one, “I Love you More Than My Dog.” It arrived from Amazon within a week or so. The book, by Jeanne Bliss, is fabulous. I talk it up constantly, and I also say who sent it to me.

Next step, I thanked them of course, but did so via Twitter. And they replied, and I replied, we recommended each other on Follow Fridays, and now I’m smitten! This is a company that has got the idea of brand romance down to a fine art. And what’s really cool is that they’ve never tried to “sell” me. Lots of companies do (especially by using those form emails – ugh), and I ain’t writin’ about them anytime soon, let alone giving them my business.

What’s really cool about this is that I haven’t actually met anyone from the company. I just know them from the events described above. The cumulative effect of these events, however, has painted for me a picture of a company that I feel I can personally allign with. To reference a well-known quote, they make me want to be a better man. Or, at least a better customer experience guy.

The lesson from all of this? Your best way to sell B2B is to consistenly add value. This is especially true if you’re a knowledge based company. Social media tools can really help you with this, and can help you with cementing the personal relationship with decision makers. Then, when there’s a need, people will come to you.

Oh yeah, bet you’re curious! It’s VIPDesk. An awesome contact center. Follow them on Twitter here:

Next blog will be on Frost and Sullivan (follow on Twitter: Another brand I love, but I’ve met some of the folks there, so the experience is different. Similar philosophy that business is personal (thank you Michael Scott), but a different experience.

As always, thank you for reading. Comments and questions welcome.