Communication Convergence – Twitter part deux

I have a question for you. It’s going to sound like a riddle, but I mean it very sincerely. What’s the difference between a Director of Corporate Communications, a PR executive/brand manager, and a Contact Center Director? All functions deliver a corporate message; all functions deliver “the voice of the brand.” However I would suggest that only one function, the contact center, has a defining effect on the experience of the brand for the consumer. While the first two offer the promise of the brand, the contact center offers the promise, as well as the promise (hopefully) fulfilled.

In my last blog I asked about the impact of Twitter in the contact center space. Here, I want to up the stakes. As corporations hoist their marketing sails and timidly point their ships toward the New World known as Twitter, the messages and campaigns have always been driven by PR and brand management. However, managing the experience (and all that entails – the brand, the voice, the promise fulfilled), will naturally fall to the “contact centre” function. As communication between brand and consumer becomes far more ubiquitous, what, essentially, is the difference between corporate communications and the contact center? I’d say not a whole lot.
Sounds obvious, right? Yet for many organizations there is a firewall between the departments of brand management, corporate communications, and the contact center. Brand management defines the experience and delivers a marketing campaign, communications handles news releases, and the contact centre is often left to intuit the corporate message as best it can and fullfill the promise (all while having upwards of over a hundred thousands personal contacts per month – and with Twitter, that number increases exponentially).
Isn’t this kind of scary to all the communications directors and brand managers out there? I’m just sayin’…
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