The American Dream, at $9.95 Per Month

A few years ago when I was at Tommy Hilfiger we were engaged in a project that allowed us to talk to about a thousand of our customers.  And not just the occasional customers.  These were the die-hard fans of Tommy, the ones that bought Tommy and nothing but Tommy.  When we asked them why they were so loyal to the brand, we often didn’t get the expected response about quality, or value, or fashion.

The answer we got to that question was more about values.  And it not only surprised us a little, it touched our hearts.

These customers often knew Tommy’s story.  They knew that Tommy started off selling jeans from the trunk of a car in upstate NY until he could afford a small shop.  They knew that through innovation and determination he built his brand up to the mega success that it became.  What’s more, they believed that, in buying his brand, they were part of that story.  It made them feel like they were somehow, in a small way, participating in the American Dream.

Is that not beautiful, or what?

What is your company selling – I mean really selling.  Finding the answer to that question will provide you with your brand’s promise.  Knowing that, will provide you with a road-map to fulfilling that promise.

I invite you to take a look at the below video by Grasshopper Group (a very nifty company for the entrepreneur). Grasshopper Group realizes that they aren’t selling phone systems, or billing systems, or widgets.  Those things are simply incidental.  Grasshopper Group is is actually selling something much more valuable than that.  Then, after you watch the video, think about what your brand is really selling.  It might be more than you think.